gallery_tarotMia Explores the Elements

The elements include air, earth, fire and water. In this series, Mia represents young innocence merging with the natural world and becoming one with the universe.

gallery_tarotElusive Realities

Carl Jung considered Major Arcana of the ancient Tarot to represent the archetypes of the collective unconscious and the twenty-two cards to indicate the path to individualism. This is the basis for the allegorical photographic portraits, printed as Polaroid transfers, in this series.

gallery_mosaicMemory Mosaics Mexico

Memory, time, and the essence of inner and outer travels are the inspiration for this series of collages that include photographs, digital images, found images, gold and silver leaf, and wax.

gallery_blackBoxBlack Boxes

This group of small black boxes contains color photographs, collage, and vegetation such as leaves and seeds. The series evolved at the time of my father’s death and deals with the theme of death and rebirth.

gallery_juliaJulia’s Spiral Braid

The spiral suggests the journey through the labyrinth of life. Ancient and Mysterious, the symbol of the spiral is found in cultures from all parts of the world. In this series my granddaughter, Julia, confronts various magical realms.

gallery_oaxacanAnother Reality

Oaxaca, Mexico, where I lived in 1994-95 and have visited every year since, is a land of dreams, magical and mysterious, with color, texture, and history evident in every aspect of life. For this series of transfer prints I layered a portrait of each artist with an image of the artist’s work to suggest the multiple strata of our reality.


In this group of allegorical portraits, I asked each model to pick an animal, bird, or reptile that they could relate to. I painted the person to represent the choosen animal, then added more paint on the print surface to suggest dusk, the time of evening when spirits appear.

bookgallerypageBooks & Journals

Death, rebirth, love and loss are reoccurring themes in my one-of-a-kind artist’s books. Dreams, notes from my journals, dictionary definitions, and poetry serve as text threads weaving through pages of photographs, collage, and paint.